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Meet Us





Hi, we're the Apples! 


If you've been following along, you've likely seen me (Katie) around, modeling our latest trendsetting looks on Facebook or Instagram. My husband, Johnny, and I have been married since 2008 and have three boys; Jonah, Hudson, and Jax. Together, we started Apple Blvd when we saw a need for quality, affordable clothing that made the shopping experience stress-free and fun. Using my background as working for a clothing manufacturer and my passion for community, I focused on creating a joyful brand that would welcome women of all shapes, backgrounds, and ages, and make everyone feel right at home. Today, 5 years after opening our doors, our Blvd Babes are a group of nearly 50,000 fashion-loving friends and our customer satisfaction is still at the heart of everything we do... I won't sell you something that I wouldn't sell my mama!